*in black and white

by Jason Jeka

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released May 13, 2014

Produced by Jason Jeka

Co-Produced and Recorded by:
Nick Akrap at Parka Studios and
David Knuth at Barefoot Studios

Mixed by Nick Akrap

Mastered by:
Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room

Additional Musicians:
Nick Hon: Drums (except 4 & 6)
Christian Matthew Cullen: Hammond Organ, Piano (2 & 5)
Nick Akrap: Piano
Jimmy Clausing: Drums (4 & 6)
Steve Stasny: Guitar (4 & 6)
Joel Masters: “Take ‘em to church” guy

All songs written by Jason Jeka
*(4 & 6) written by:
J. Jeka, S. Stasny & J. Clausing

All Songs © 2014 Sweet Feedback (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


Jason Jeka Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: What Are You Waiting For?
Send your prayers to my new address. Or meet me at the Palace around the bend.
Tracing lines in red and blue. Breakfast in the afternoon.
Oh, we just do whatever we do.

I’ve never been this close. It wasn’t far away.
But things will never be the same.

We don’t need to follow anyone. No right or wrong way.
We don’t need to stay locked up inside and wide awake for days.
You’ll never make it on the rooftop lying on the bathroom floor.
Everyone is listening. So what are you waiting for?

Buying time to get us wherever we go. Saving things I should have forever ago.
We’d give a damn but we can’t to that. We’re borrowing what we can’t give back.
Ain’t it funny how it’s quiet when it’s loud.

We weren’t even close throwing bottles at the train.
Let’s get a running start and try again.
Track Name: Code Name Falcon
What’s the matter with you, screaming in a crowded room?
My ears are ringing.
You thought you had the Midas touch, but silence is worth twice as much
and I don’t think I’ve seen a thing behind the painted lashes.

You don’t need to be excused.
It’s stitches getting wasted on a paper cut.
You said that you’ve got nothing to lose, but I’m imagining you do.

What’s the point of this? Words turned into clenching fists.
You’ve come out swinging.
If being the hottest thing around means burning this all to the ground
then I won’t hesitate to watch the flames give way to ashes.
Track Name: Revel
I dream in colors, baby. Tell me, why don’t you?
I see your colors fading, bleeding all that’s blue.

Your heart was racing faster, running for the door.
My heart’s a selfish bastard when it bleeds for more.

I scream. I shout. I’d sing out loud if only you would let me.
I push. I shove. I hate. I love the way you love to hate me.
I revel in this fate. It complicates. It’s overwhelming.
I’m level headed. I’m overzealous, overcompensating.

I’m held down by this pretense. By your weakness.
I’m slipping on your steepness. No more secrets.
Track Name: Untitled (I Don't Care)
I don’t care if I mess this up.
No I’m not scared is what I tell myself.
I came prepared just to let you down.
I am not a stranger to this town.

Strike a match. Watch it bloom. Let the light fill up this room,
warm heart, touch your soul and take you where you need to go.
Just for a moment give it all your best intentions ‘til it’s done.
Then watch it fade just like the setting sun.

We’re gonna dance forever. We’re gonna sing forever
even though we know the song will change.
I’ll sing up to the clouds so when I’m underground
I’ll always be around when it rains.

I don’t care if the grey that’s in my father’s hair
starts to feather mine a little more than it already has.
Youth and wisdom can go hand in hand.
Track Name: Sandcastles & Skyscrapers
She packed up all of her sweaters and headed for the desert.
She never made much sense that way.
Gave back all of the letters, even the four that I lent her
for three years, give or take a day.
But there’s no need to shout ‘cause she’s got it all figured out.

I hear the sound of the EL trains. Oh, how they move like the city’s veins
and I’m at the heart of this all.
Even the buildings look different and I can feel insignificant
when I’m standing next to something so tall.
I know beyond a doubt that I still haven’t figured it out.

Hey sandcastle, build yourself under the sun
and run away from the snow and the colder weather.
‘Cause here the skyline casts a shadow on the beach
but I say even the sun can’t shine forever.

Now I’ve found the words to sing out loud
but I’m still trying to figure it out.
Track Name: Better Days
The horoscope read “You’re better off dead”
Dear Scorpio: just let it go. This hasn’t been your week.
So don’t look inside. There’s no Cracker Jack prize
and the fortune cookie’s lucky numbers are all 13s.
Don’t think I’ll play the lottery with that.

Lately I’ve been passing the time
with paper plane confessions, self impressions and neckties.
I’ve swallowed my words and choked on my pride.
I’ve learned too many lessons and said too many goodbyes.
It’s safe to say I’ve realized

This is not one of my better days.
But it’s okay ‘cause I found you.

Nobody’s claimed this horse with no name
that ran off in the darkness. Now I’m drowning in the rain.
These broken bones just want to go home,
bark at the moon and lick these wounds until the coast is clear.
Or maybe I could disappear.

Some angels don’t have wings.
They wear skinny jeans and watch re-runs on TV.
I’m losing touch. I’ve lost so much.
But I’ve got everything I need.
Track Name: Bandages
Well here we go again hiding behind bandages.
Stick another one right on.
Your heart’s in stitches from the ones that rhyme with stitches
but don’t hold your breath for too long.

You show me yours. (Under our skin).
I’ll show you mine. (Where we begin).
And here’s a toast to every single time
that we died and came back to life.

I tried to stand up underwater for a minute
but I didn’t know my right from down.
Now every single raindrop, puddle and aquarium
.. another way that I might drown.

Take your bandage off, then we’ll see what we’re made of.

And when you lift them off, baby, you should rip them off.
You wont feel a thing.
Track Name: Broken Radio
Blood stains. My veins are open wide. Loose change.
Red wine replaced the white, love.
But we keep running away.
Damage claims and made up games. Late nights.
Five flights. The car is parked outside, love.
But we keep running away.

Oh, oh, oh, oh.
I’m screaming through the hiss. I can’t handle this. I’m singing
Oh, oh, oh, oh
and trying to get a signal through a broken radio.
Oh, oh, oh
That nicotine kiss that’s on your lips is singing
Oh, oh, oh, oh.
We can blow smoke but it’s got nowhere to go.

Spare tires, tongue fires and unlocked doors.
Deflated mattress on the floor, love.
But we keep running away.
Cheap seats. Long drives. Bedtime, sunrise.
Suit case. Arm brace. Maybe let’s race this time.
But we keep running away.

I won’t let the magic turn into a disappearing act.
I want to stay alive.
So meet me in that parking lot when the paper trucks arrive.
Track Name: La La La
Well I’ve got something to say to you that’s on the back of my mind.
Every word that I say is true and the truth is not kind.
You must have thought I was a fool. That I was dumb deaf and blind.
But I’ve got more than just a clue and you should be quiet.

She’s la la la la la la la lying.
And as a matter of fact she said that I wasn’t trying.
But she’s la la la la la la la lying.

You tried to live by the golden rule but it turned your skin green.
And they’ve seen more than their share, if you know what I mean.
I can turn around, love, without causing a scene.
And you can stand in the shower, son, but it won’t get you clean.

I get so caught up in the words I hear, I forget what they mean.
Now your vocabulary is getting scary.
You should close your mouth when you’re talking to me.
Track Name: Disposable Cameras
Cheap plastic cameras on perfect white tablecloths
that captured the ghosts of our loved ones that since then we’ve lost.
The napkins got folded the way that you wanted them.
I didn’t care just as long as we had them.
I look up and smile. The flashbulbs are blinding.

Most of the film in the cameras got wasted.
The rest didn’t turn out. My friends all just said “it’s a shame”.

But you don’t always get what you pay for.

We spent a small fortune to record the memories on tapes
that sit in a box in my closet just taking up space.
And all of the choices we made with each other,
who’ll walk with my sister, who’ll sit by your mother,
were never as big as the one that you made on your own.

The napkins that got stained were just thrown out anyway.
Funny how everything else all got treated the same.

But you don’t always keep what you pay for.

All those reminders of every mistake
got thrown in the trash and the memories fade.
I’m taking new photographs to replace them
and everything’s alright. I know what belongs in the frame.

‘Cause you don’t have to keep what you pay for.
Track Name: City Lights
A million lights. A mile high. Stars on Earth sent down
to guide a million wandering souls back home, captivated by the glow.
Electric candles in the night, never flicker in the wind
that tries to knock you down to see how quickly you’ll get up again.

Somewhere right off 16th street, a lost and found box full of things
collecting dust with busted seams, held together by a string.
Stone and concrete, bricks and wood. The walls can’t talk but if they could
they’d still sit silently, patiently, listening.
And the orchestra upstairs doesn’t really seem to care
about broadcasting imperfections.
And I don’t know but I’ve been told this winter’s gonna be
the coldest one since 1940-something. We’ll ain’t that something.


It’s you I’m holding on to.

Make them laugh and entertain. Rinse, repeat and wash the rest
all swirling down the drain. Even that leads to somewhere.
Take the stairs. Take your drink. Take a minute and just
think about all that you see in both directions.
The things you learn away from home. They took a building made of stone
and moved it right across the street. I guess you can move anything.
And every bitter pill to take, don’t be afraid of how it tastes
without that liquid courage chaser.
And for miles down the street we’re casting shadows from out feet.
Sometimes they follow us. Sometimes we follow them.
Run beside the wishing well. We don’t like to kiss and tell
so all of our well wishes are sleeping with the fishes.
Gather up your pretty things. Make them shine and leave
all of the rest of it behind. We’re going out tonight.
A thank you letter for the spark and the fuel to start a fire
like the one that unsuccessfully tried to destroy you.